"Almost half of the construction works of amphitheatre in Elk are done"

Almost half of the construction works of amphitheatre in Elk are done. The technical buildings and the audience exist and had already started works to construct the last building – the stage. Below the stage will be located booking offices, dressing rooms and sanitary rooms. The stage will have two portals, facing toward the lake and the audience. The area around the amphitheatre will be also developed, by seeding different kind of trees and plants. Also the works under Cross-border Culture Catalogue are drawing to a close. In December 2011 was already approved the graphical design of the Catalogue and the list of the institution, that will be presented in the publication, was classified. It is foreseen that the Catalogue will be published in autumn 2012.

27 January 2012, by Administrator

Information aboutconstruction works.

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On the end of April 2011 behind the building of the Elk Culture Center started foundation works to the construction of amphitheatre in Elk. First were demolish stone walls from 70s. The demolition foreseen also dismantle of the existing outbuilding. In the middle of May from the ground have already started to grow first foundations of the technical – sanitary building.
The stage of amphitheatre will be made of two frames located angular to each other, made from architectural concrete. Above the stage will be steel roofing, that will enable installation of additional lighting.
Beneath the stage will be located booking office, dressing rooms and sanitary accommodation. The stage will be exposed on all sides to the audience and to the lake. The audience will have 1367 seats and on the top platform that will enable access to the building for disabled people. Access to the property will be from Wojska Polskiego and Nadjeziorna Street.



06 May 2011, by Administrator

First Press Conference.

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On the 31 of March 2011 in the Elk Culture Center had place First Press Conference, that was organised to inform about construction of amphitheatre in Elk and in Alytus, Lithuania. In this Conference participate: Deputy Mayor of the Elk City Mr. Artur Urbański, associate director of the Alytus Culture and Communication Center Ms. Daiva Andruškevičienė, Lead Partner project coordinator Mr. Mirosław Falaciński, Mr. Vilmantas Pajada representative of the Alytus City Municipality, Mr. Waldemar Pieńkowski – person responsible for technical infrastructure development in the Elk Culture Center and Mr. Wojciech Janiak architect of amphitheatre in Elk. Among invited guests were also journalist that represent local and regional radio station, newspapers and television. During this conference were given information about project implementation, the visualization of the amphitheatres were also presented. Representatives of the Elk Culture Center introduced chosen contractor – Spółdzielnię Budowalnych "Skomand", that will build amphitheater in Elk.

04 April 2011, by Administrator

Cross- border Culture Convention: 21.01.2011 r.

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On the 21 of January 2011 in the Elk Culture Center have place the Cross-border Culture Convention. The main purpose was to present the idea of preparing the Cross-border Culture Catalogue, which will consist tourist and cultural places, that can be interesting to potential receiver in the country and abroad. Cross – border Culture Catalogue will cover the historic area of the northern east Poland – Suwalszczyzna (main cities: Augustów, Ełk, Gołdap, Olecko, Suwałki) and the ethnographical region of Lithuania – Dzukija (main cities: Olita, Wilno). The Catalogue will include popular and forgotten, sometimes even unknown, places and institution from both regions. Publication will be issued in the amount of 10 000 items, in the three language: Polish, English and Lithuanian. Every item will include a supplement in a form of DVD.
In this Convention participate representatives of tourist and cultural institutions from Dzukija and Suwalki region. Many of them declared that they will take part in preparation of the Cross – border Culture Convention. .

22 January 2011,by Administrator

Cross- border Culture Convention

One of the project activities is Cross- border Culture Convention, which will have place in Elk on 21 of January 2011 at 11:00 AM. The main goal of this meeting is to present the object and assumptions of the Cross-border Culture Catalogue to institutions of culture dissemination and institutions involved in tourism. Catalogue prepared in cooperation of all this institutions will contain places, that are interesting according to the cultural and tourist influence, that are worth to mention to potential receiver of the Catalogue in the country and abroad. Publication will be issued in the amount of 10 000 units, in three language: Polish, Lithuanian and English and will be distribute for free in Poland and Lithuania. Every institution that will participate in it will receive some amount of this publication. Every item will include a supplement in a form of DVD. This Catalogue will be a good form of publicity and promotion of Your institution. Interested institution can apply their participation until 19 of January 2011 at the address: The Elk Culture Center, 47 Wojska Polskiego Street, 19 – 300 Elk or for the e-mail address:

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